In this Update we are introducing a couple new features and resolved numerous issues and bugs on our platform. This Update Went Live on Tuesday April 21st 2015.

New Features

  • Community: We are introducing a new Commenting/Review System that was build from our developers from the ground up to fit our needs. Now except from the product description that is being written by our editors you'll see a "10-15" word editor's opinion for every of product on our platform. The Community feature lets you comment, write a review or ask a question about a product quickly and efficiently.
  • Upload Your Own Profile Picture: With this update we've added the option to change your profile picture and wish list on the go. Simply go to your wish list page and move mouse over your profile image to upload a new photo.

Updates & Fixes

  • Redesigned Blog Template: We've decided to remove the sidebar from the blog completely and make the blog template more content focused. Also we've polished the UI to make it more user-friendly and clean.
  • Wish list Update: Under the hood there is a huge update for the wish list profiles, we've re-written most of the functionalities to make it faster and smoother than ever before, we've also fixed numerous bugs.
  • Sort By on iPhone & iPad: We've added the option to sort the products by date or price on iPad and iPhone.
  • iPhone UI Updated: We've fixed many bugs for our iPhone users and introduced a 2-Line Grid for our Homepage and Collection page which lets you see 2 products/row.
  • Explore Page Updated on iPad: You can now see 3 lines of collections instead of 2 making it faster to explore new categories on iPad.
  • Pop up Fix: We've fixed a bug with our pop-up that prevented some users from closing it.
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