In this Update we are introducing a couple new features and resolved numerous issues and bugs on our platform. This Update Went Live on Tuesday April 21st 2015.

  • Activity Counter: On our last version we've introduced the activity feature which is a way to stay updated with system updates, announcements but also keep a history of your activity. Today we are introducing Activity Counters, whenever we push a notification you'll see a numeric value above the icon that will notify you that there's a new notification.
  • Introduced Multiple Buy Now Options: Starting today we will include minimum 2 buy now options for each product such as Amazon US, Amazon UK, Fancy, Official Website and more.
  • Updated Wish list Core Functions to Version 2.0: Added Infinite scroll support, faster data parsing and product description will now be displayed as well.
  • Homepage Collections: We now display product collections under the homepage and through the category pages.
  • Redesigned Featured Product Box for Homepage
  • Fixed a Bug that prevented Facebook Users from Changing their Profile Image.
  • Fixed a Bug that prevented a small group of users from logging in.
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