In this Update, we are introducing numerous new features and bug fixes. This is the biggest update since the time we've launched. Pushed Live on July 1st 2015

New Features

  • My Feed: One of the most requested features from our users. You can now log-in to your account, select your favorite collections and discover products you are interested in.
  • Recently Viewed: Can't remember the name of the product you saw on your Custom Feed or visited through the platform the past days? Now you can visit your "Recently Viewed" page and browse through your history.
  • Trending Now Page: Features the most visited products from the past 24 Hours, 7 Days and 30 Days.
  • Animations & Transitions: If you click on a product, go through our categories, or click add to wish list you'll see the awesome animations and transitions we've deployed that makes navigating on our platform smoother and more fun.
  • Activity & Notifications: Get Notified if a product that you have on your wish list gets a discount.
  • Improved Search: Indexing of products has been improved significantly.
  • New Navigation: We've redesigned our navigation from the bottom up. You can now discover new content much easier by using our brand new site-wide header.
  • Community Rating: Each product will now show community rating, the average rating will be displayed instead of the editor's rating.
  • Wish list Themes: You can now select the background color of your public or private Wish list, just go to Settings<Profile

  • Settings Panel: We've designed a dedicated settings page from which you can edit your profile, select newsletter and notifications frequency(coming soon), select your favorite collections for your custom feed and change your password.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • If a Product gets deleted from the platform it will also disappear from your wish list automatically.
  • Redesigned My Wish list and Added Sharing Buttons.
  • Performance improvements for My Wish list
  • New Users will have a Public Wish list by default.
  • Under the hood improvements (decreased front-end load by 60%)
  • Redesigned Mobile Navigation
  • Fixed Social Media Buttons Bug (In some cases the sharing buttons had the wrong product url)
  • Polished UI Sitewide
  • New Error Pages
  • Redesigned Search Results Page
  • New Sorting for Homepage & Categories
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