• New Feature - Live Currency Conversion: Under your Account Settings you will be able to select your favorite currency (USD, GBP, JPY, EUR) and all of our products will be instantly converted into your selected currency. We use Yahoo's API to update the currency every 24 hours!
  • New Feature - 3 or 4 Products Per Row: You can now select how many products you see per row, the default is 4 but you can always change it to 3, this feature is available for both our guest and registered users.
  • Redesigned Explore Page: We've added featured categories on top of our explore page, making it easier for our visitors to discover great categories, we will be rotating the categories on a weekly basis.
  • Added Price Range Under Trending & Discounts Pages
  • Faster Scrolling: Pre-loading of products is 60% faster now.
  • Bug Fixing
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