We've launched our official shop, redesigned the UI of our platform, simplified our categories, and improved the performance of every wish list account! 😎

Here's What's New

- The Official Gadget Flow Shop: We have finally launched our shop which means that now you can now buy some of the products we showcase directly from us! We will be adding new products on a weekly basis and launch our gift cards mid September. You can check our shop here, or check our dedicated category here

- Redesigned Homepage: We've introduced a couple new widgets and different options to navigate through our homepage.

- New Featured Section: We now have our redesigned featured section right below the slider. This section will be updated every day with new products selected by our editorial team!

- Popular Categories: You can click the Popular Categories option and see which ones are trending every week on our platform.

- Latest Discoveries: We've increased the number of new products per day to 12!

- New Header Navigation: When you scroll below the slider you will see our new and improved navigation bar that has everything you may need when browsing our homepage and categories. You can sort the entire page by specific price range, product age, and even choose to view three or four products per row.

- Redesigned Categories: Previously, we had 140 categories. As of today, we have simplified this to just 20 main categories for easier browsing. We've also introduced our new mega menu that helps you browse through our categories whenever you are.

- Full Width Content: We've increased the size of our slider and removed the welcome slide that was static for all our guest users. Now, everyone sees random slides on each load!

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