Permanent Listing - We’ll publish your product within 48 hours and it will stay on our platform forever. - Click Here for a Sample

Social Media Promotion - We'll post your product on our 6+ social media profiles such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram.

Daily & Weekly Newsletters - Our daily newsletter goes out every day at 9:30 AM local time and features 10-14 new products while our weekly newsletter goes out every Saturday and features 16-24 products. Click here to view a sample newsletter.

Homepage Slider - We’ll design a slider which will be displayed above the fold on our homepage for 15 days.

Marked as Recommended - Our second most visited page "Products We Love" is where we give personal recommendations to our users. Your product will be marked as recommended for 30 days.

Featured Product - Your product will be added under our Featured Products section on our homepage and categories.

Full Width Feature on Homepage - We'll highlight your product below "Latest Discoveries" using a full width image and your product's title. 

Push Notification - We’ll send a push notification to our iOS and Android App users.

Dedicated Blast - We'll send a dedicated email blast to our subscribers (165,000+) linking directly to your website. Click Here for a Sample.

Blog Post Review - We’ll write an in-depth blog post review about your product - View Sample Blog Post

Direct Promotion - Links from email blasts, social media activities and the slider will go directly to your website or project page instead of our platform. This will result at least 8 times more traffic.

Performance Report - We'll create a performance report after 35 days that includes the top traffic sources, social media, and newsletter links.

Video Showcase - We'll create a short video showcase about your product and promote it on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Fan Page. Click Here to Learn More

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