Permanent Listing - We’ll publish your product within 48 hours and it will stay on our platform forever. - Click Here for a Sample

Social Media Promotion - We'll post your product on our 6+ social media profiles such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram Stories.

Daily & Weekly Newsletters - Our daily newsletter goes out every day at 3 PM EST and features 10-14 new products while our weekly newsletter goes out every Saturday and features 16-24 products. Click here to view a sample newsletter.

Homepage Slider - We’ll design a slider which will be displayed above the fold on our homepage for 15 days.

Staff Picks - Our second most visited page "Staff Picks" is where we give personal recommendations to our users. Your product will be featured on the Staff Picks page for 30 days.

Featured Product - Your product will be added under our Featured Products section on our homepage and categories.

Full Width Feature on Homepage - We'll highlight your product below "Latest Discoveries" using a full width image and your product's title. 

Push Notification - We’ll send a push notification to our iOS and Android App users.

Dedicated Blast - We'll send a dedicated email blast at 5 PM EST to our subscribers (165,000+) linking directly to your website. Click Here for a Sample.

Blog Post Review - We’ll write an in-depth blog post review about your product - View Sample Blog Post

Direct Promotion - Links from email blasts, social media activities and the slider will go directly to your website or project page instead of our platform. This will result at least 8 times more traffic.

Performance Report - We'll create a performance report after 35 days that includes the top traffic sources, social media, and newsletter links.

Video Showcase - We'll create a short video showcase about your product and promote it on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Fan Page. Click Here to Learn More

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